The intense green of the rare emerald has brought the gemstone fame and statues throughout both the ancient and modern world. Historically, emeralds have been considered symbols of power, fortune and immortality, used as talismans of luck and fertility. 


Evaluating Emeralds

When evaluating emeralds, the quality is assessed based on the four Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat. In particular, the cut highlights the stone’s best qualities, while colour and clarity measure its hue, tone, saturation, and purity.


Refers to the polished form of the stone that brings out the best qualities of the emerald


Refers to the polished form of the stone that brings out the best qualities of the emerald:

The type of green in the stone, ranging across the colour spectrum from blueish green of the Zambian emeralds, to the yellow green of the Columbian emerald.

The degree of light or dark in the stone.

The intensity and strength of the colour in the stone.


A measure of the purity of the stone and the degree of imperfections or inclusions in the emerald. This informs one of the most important aspects of emeralds, and the fifth C of emerald grading: Character. The unique natural imperfections in the stones are often called “Jardin” the French for “garden” as they resemble foliage


The weight of the stone. One carat (ct) is equal to 0.025 grams.

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