Grizzly Mining Ltd Announces 11% Salary Increment to its Unionised Workers

Kitwe, Zambia, July 24 2021, Grizzly Mining Limited is pleased to announce that the company has awarded an 11% salary increment to its unionised workers. The announcement came during the signing ceremony of the collective agreement between the company, the Mineworkers Union of Zambia (“MUZ”) and the National Union of Mines and Allied Workers. 

Grizzly Mining is committed to the financial and holistic well-being of its employees. To support its workers further, the Company will introduce a pension scheme, and gratuity will also be guaranteed to workers. We have additionally introduced an educational allowance for employees. 

We’re looking forward to our employees benefitting from these changes, reflecting their value and significance to our business, and to further strengthening our relationship with the MUZ. 

The Company’s Deputy Chairman, Abdul Ba commented “I hope that this increment will motivate the employees to work hard. The company would have loved to double the increment, but it has to balance so that the company continues operating.” 

About Grizzly Mining Limited 

Founded by current Chair, Abdoulaye Ndiaye, in 1997, Grizzly Mining has been producing high-quality emeralds and beryl for the international gemstone market for over 25 years from its 100% owned flagship Grizzly mine in Lufwanyama region in the Copper-belt province of northern Zambia. 

The mine produces circa. 60 million carats a year, with quarterly auctions both in-country and internationally.