Grizzly Supports Local Community with Significant Donation for Goat Breeding Initiative

Kitwe, Zambia, April 26 2019: Grizzly Mining Ltd, a leading producer of high-grade emeralds, is proud to announce its contribution of 100,000ZMK towards a transformative goat breeding initiative in the local community. This significant donation will catalyse the growth of the goat and sheep industry, creating employment opportunities and contributing to the sustainable development of Zambia’s rural areas.

Chief Lumpuma, a prominent figure in the region, expressed his gratitude for the support from Grizzly Mining Ltd, stating: “It is clear to me that this industry, when given the necessary support like what Grizzly Mining Limited has done today, can develop and enhance the standard of living of our people in the rural areas of Zambia.”

Bafana Moyo, Executive Director of ZADAC Travel & Tours running the initiative, extended his heartfelt appreciation, saying: “We want to thank Grizzly Mining once again for having come to our aid to see to it that we grow this industry together. You may not know how many people you will touch with this gift.”

Grizzly Mining Ltd, renowned for its commitment to ethical practices and sustainable operations, recognizes the potential for positive impact in the community. With a vision to be a world-leading producer of emeralds and a mission to uphold the highest standards of ethical practices, sustainability, and community development, the Company is dedicated to revolutionising industries and contributing to the betterment of local communities.

The executive director of Grizzly Mining, Tidiane Ndiaye, emphasized the Company’s commitment to social and environmental concerns, stating: “The donation of these goats is not only a symbol of our great relations with the chiefdom but also a pledge of our efforts to better the communities that we live and work in, communities that have embraced us as their own.”

About Grizzly Mining Limited

Founded by current Chair, Abdoulaye Ndiaye, in 1997, Grizzly Mining has been producing high-quality emeralds and beryl for the international gemstone market for over 25 years from its 100% owned flagship Grizzly mine in Lufwunyama region in the Copper-belt province of northern Zambia.

The mine produces circa. 60 million carats a year, with quarterly auctions both in-country and internationally.